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Name: Johanna Mason
Canon: The Hunger Games
Scrubs Color: Red
Visible Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Physique: On the smaller side, to the point you might believe she's a touch weak and fragile
Complexion: Pale
Hygiene: When Johanna is being groomed by a Capitol stylist, she's immaculate, but will quickly devolve into Arena Chic (aka, rough, low on hygiene, few cares about anything other than the basics)
Hair: Short brown, just above the shoulders
Eyes: Blue-Grey
Defining Marks: Johanna has a few scars left over from her Games, though most of them have faded by now thanks to her healing. She's currently torn up a little from the Quarter Quell, but the fountain will heal her
Accent/Speech: Sharp, bitter and firm without hesitation
Bearing/Demeanor: Johanna is aggressive and moves with purpose, not hesitating. She can be lethal and cutting with words and sharp blades
Gait: Purposeful and quick
Habits: She'll keep something sharp within reach at all times and doesn't have much patience for the world around her
Skills: Johanna’s skills lie mainly in survival, though her fierceness and determination make her something of a roach. She’s willing to adapt to survive and suffer in order to do the same. Even though she might be broken, she’s never out of it and she’ll keep pushing with her bitterness and anger until the job is done. This determination and stubbornness will see Johanna through many of the more frustrating aspects of the village. She’s not a leader, but she can be a team player if it benefits herself, and her skill with lumber will help make her an asset. Despite her diminutive stature, she’s very strong and will be able to help with the hunting, as well as other survival necessities.

Johanna also brings a flash of truth and reality to things. She’s not an optimistic person and hope hasn’t been her friend for long, so she’ll size up situations for exactly what they are and isn’t afraid to be blunt and objective about them. She’s also not under the impression that you can save everyone and would be willing to be the devil’s advocate in hard situations.

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She'd meant to find them a bar.

The trouble with the doors is that some of them have the nasty habit of delivering you right back to the arena and Johanna knows perfectly well what happens the day she decides she's had enough of this and heads back to Panem. Torture, mutilation, more torture, and all in the name of the future she's not even sure she wants to participate in, anymore. That said, there are also doors that take you to incredible places and she could use one of those.

She's even nabbed Haymitch to come with her. There's no bar where they are, but she sees a familiar sight looming ahead and hears the charged cheers that are all too familiar to her. It's a crowd chanting for death. It's throngs of people with their blood up. She nods her head in the direction of the stadium (oh, who the hell is she joking, it's just another arena) and grabs at Haymitch's hand so he doesn't get lost as Johanna slips into the stands of the arena and looks down at the show.

Her lip curls in disgust when she finds exactly what she'd feared.

Down there, with weapons and a crowd, are two men fighting each other and she really doesn't think they're going to be getting drinks when it's all said and done. This isn't Panem, though. Which means...

"Looks like we're not the only idiots who came up with the idea of killing each other for sport," she mutters the words bitterly.
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Every night, Johanna dreams of blood.

She dreams of it dripping and rolling over tables to the floor. She can still see her family there in the victor's house, there for long enough to scare her before they're taken away before the media can do anything about it. All because she'd said no to Snow when he'd wanted her to come to the Capitol and perform her act again -- be the snivelling, weak little girl who turns strong to please the populace. And she'd said no. Turning over in the bed, she ignores the train coming to a stop, accepting her outfit bitterly before heading to change.

She has to be a mentor now. As if the humiliations isn't enough with everyone she cares about gone, now she has to take these children from 7 (who are barely younger than her; she thinks the boy is maybe two months younger) and train them how to die. She manages to get through the first day's events, eventually drifting to the epicenter of everything in time to see the stylists and the handlers doing their work.

Rolling her eyes, she catches sight of Effie Trinket, huffing to herself with some form of pity. Johanna might really fucking hate the Capitol, but at least she's not stuck with the trainwreck that's 12, most days. That's a curse that no one should have to bear, though Johanna doesn't exactly mind Haymitch. For a victor, he knows the good stuff when it comes to drinks and Johanna has a feeling she'll want to indulge in that plenty over the coming days.
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Trust this place to fuck with her head, even though it's far and removed from the Capitol. For those first few panicked minutes, Johanna had figured this is some kind of Capitol arena trick, as if they'd figured out muttations to the point that they could actually target her and make a change in seconds without her even noticing until the center of balance in her body throws her off. She doesn't really figure out what's happened until she pieces it together.

She'd walked through a goddamn door.

The high-pitched little scornful laugh she might have given comes out deeper and throatier, now. It's all one hell of a rush and Johanna wishes that her first thought hadn't been of the raw power that's probably in her body, now. She'd always had good momentum and power before, but she thinks swinging an axe now would bring a satisfying end.

That can wait for later, though. Right now, she needs to take stock and make sure they're still safe and this isn't some Capitol trick. And really, how completely pathetic is it, that they have to distinguish between captors, now.

"Finnick." She pounds on his door with her fist, wincing at the curls of dark hair on his fingertips. She slams a palm instead, aware that she might wake Annie, but she doesn't exactly give a damn right now. "Open up."
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Don't die.

There are bigger things at stake these Games, but the little voice in Johanna's head has been bred and born of a survivor's instinct awoken years ago. She's no victor by chance and even if these Games are about protecting a beacon for the people, the flare of instinct is kicking up a fuss as Johanna stands on the platform and waits for the countdown that will bring her back to the killing arena.

She knows what she's supposed to do. Of course she knows, no one can shut up it. Katniss wants Nuts and Volts and Johanna knows that while they might be victors, they're ripe for the picking in a field of killers like the one they're entering. Lucky, then, that Johanna's just as wild and wicked as the rest of them. There's going to be an axe, she knows that much, and once she has that in her hand, she's going to tear her way through the careers with pleasure.

Don't die.

In 10, 9, 8...

There's so many variables at play and Katniss better not fuck up. If she dies after they've gone to all this trouble to make sure their plans are in place...

7, 6, 5...

Johanna closes her eyes and stares upwards at the black disc covering the entrance to the arena. There's a mix of trepidation and the hint of fear in her body, but there's also something dangerous there. It's anticipation.

4, 3, 2...

And then there's nothing left to wait for as she rises and rises, pulled up like the victor she has onto her podium before she's let into the wild to kill again. She grins darkly to herself as she clenches her fists at her side and mouths 'one' as the disc opens and delivers her into the arena.

Which happens to be a very pristine looking hotel lobby. The only sign she's distressed is in her eyes. She presses her weight into her heels a little tighter as if to prevent the explosives beneath her from blowing and tightens her core as she crouches, hoping this isn't some new twist the game-makers have developed. "Hey!" she shouts, aware she's calling attention to herself, but fully aware that she's more than capable of handling anyone who comes her way. "Come and get me!" They can come to her.

Johanna can wait.
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Slowtagging: Allowed.
Canon-puncturing: I wouldn't go there if I were you.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Discussing the nature of a controlling society who manipulates their subjects is a touchy subject.


Hugging this character: I wouldn't if I were you.
Kissing this character: See above.
Flirting with this character: She'll likely be flirting first, but don't expect her to follow through unless she wants it.
Fighting with this character: Yes, but know that Johanna is a killer.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes. She will fight back.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: For the time being, she is pre-Mockingjay and is able to read fairly straightforwardly. This will change.

General Warnings: Johanna is a killer. She murdered people to survive the 71st Hunger Games and is willing to do it again if she has to. Be careful.

No one for the time being.


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